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Transitioning Your LMS to Microlearning and Gamification Couldn’t Be Easier

Discover how easy it is to transform your training with a 14 day mLevel trial. It’s simple: input your training material, select game-based activities, and publish. Then, discover what information was learned with our analytics engine.

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What they're saying

Love it!!! Hotels should be required to learn standards this way

- InterContinental Hotels Group

“I loved mLevel because it was entertaining and I feel like it really helped me learn the material.”

“I really enjoyed mLevel. It felt more like a game and less like work.”

“I think all classes should have this.”

“It was fun so it made me want to do it more.”

- University Students via Pearson

Gamifying the learning process reached students more effectively than the most dynamic lecture.

- Business Professor at North Idaho College

Like many organizations, we had to figure out an innovative way to work around the constraint of time with our learning. Incorporating mLevel into the Slalom Onboarding experience created an engaging, fun, and flexible learning resource for our new consultants to learn about what our company offers even if they are placed on a client project right away.

- Christina Nghiem, People Development at Slalom Consulting