Webinar | Lean Learning: Speeding the Shift to 21st Century Learning

Featuring Peter Talmers from Slalom

Today’s 21st century business operating environment is rapid, complex, interdependent, and uncertain. Yet most organizations are still using 20th century models of linear, standardized operations to drive efficiency. In some cases this makes sense, but increasingly we must apply more adaptive and agile approaches fit for a dramatically different environment.

Learning is at the center of this massive shift. Both because L&D itself must change, but also because learning is at the heart of any organization that will thrive in the 21st century environment. And despite all the talk of AI and cognitive computing – in fact precisely because of it – learning’s prominence as a core business skill will only increase.

How to make this shift?

Come learn about Lean Learning and how it can help you make the shift. We’ll cover key trends and two case studies that show how looking at learning in new ways can drive business results and transform culture whether you’re in the Fortune 500, the public sector, higher ed, or a non-profit or organization.