Webinar | Train, Transfer, and Sustain: The 70:20:10 Advantage

Did you know that within the first 48 hours of your employees attending a traditional training or learning event, their knowledge retention drops to 33%? Did you also know that research now shows that nearly 90% of learning in the workplace takes place informally? So why are training departments still spending the vast majority of their budgets on formal training efforts?

The 70:20:10 learning framework is all the rage in our industry. Most get the math, but few understand how to design for it.

This session addresses the methodologies behind 70:20:10, and how it is now – more than ever – all around us!

  • What is 70:20:10 – How do you integrate 70:20:10 into the journey of Train, Transfer, and Sustain
  • What are the design considerations when integrating 70:20:10 into an existing learning approach
  •  How does designing for the 70 impact the 10, or formal learning