Match the Pace of Change for Contact Centers

mLevel provides engaging and distraction-free training delivered in short activities to fill workday gaps, all while tracking user data to understand knowledge retention.

Proven Success in Contact Centers

increase customer satisfaction
7.3% increase in overall customer satisfaction


call resolution
Improve first call resolution by 21%.


performance improvement
Performance improvement of 29.6% in error detection in 30 days.

accessible everywhere
Accessible everywhere with optimized VDI capabilities


32% knowledge increase after 2-3 plays


Game-based activities are short, eye-catching, and engaging for all learners.

Features That Make a Difference

easy to create

Easy to Build

Build training in hours or days, not weeks or months.



Integrate mLevel with your workforce optimization tool.


Provide insights and ROI using mLevel Analytics.

How it Works


The ability to leverage highly interactive learning activities of 5 minutes in length or less, perfect for filling workday gaps.


The ability to leverage achievement-based recognition including mastery stars and badges as well as individual and group leaderboards.

Game-Based Learning

Highly interactive activities that use challenges and competition to create the level of focus and emotion needed to increase learning effectiveness and retention.

Mobile Learning

Increasing the accessibility of learning by delivering it to your employees via app, browser, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or VDI.