Using Gamification to Increase Agent Knowledge and Performance

mLevel delivers micro and game-based activities to engage agents in contact center training, complete with detailed analytics to help you understand knowledge retention and create coachable moments.

Our platform provides engaging and distraction-free training delivered in short activities to fill workday gaps, all while tracking user data to understand knowledge retention. Contact center agents will be more engaged using mLevel’s gamified platform compared to tradition training programs, which will increase overall knowledge retention and will allow agents to provide better insight when speaking with customers.

Proven Success in Contact Centers

Companies across a wide variety of industries have seen an increase in employee knowledge, increase in issue resolution, a reduction in training time and more from using mLevel. To hear more about how our platform can dramatically improve your contact center performance, contact us for a quick call. 
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Features That Make a Difference

easy to create


Build training in hours or days, not weeks or months. Take the training content you already have and easily format it into our system using Excel sheets. Need to make an update to include new product information? It takes just seconds to update information in our Studio platform.

Save time developing and deploying essential training content with our platform and deliver it in the most engaging way possible. Learn more about our authoring tool here.



Easily integrate mLevel with your workforce optimization tool and let agents utilize the training games when they have breaks between speaking with customers – they won’t even need to leave their workspace.

Agents can access leaderboards to see where they stand against coworkers, which will drive them to play until they understand completely. More on the learner experience here.


Provide insights and ROI using mLevel Analytics, from a high-level view of your training programs to viewing individual agent’s performance on specific questions. Pinpoint knowledge gaps and create opportunities to coach 1-on-1 with contact center employees to make sure everyone understands essential information.

In addition, take questions that aren’t being understood and easily refigure the question in mLevel studio. Learn more about our analytics platform here.

How it Works


The ability to leverage highly interactive learning activities of 5 minutes in length or less, perfect for filling workday gaps.


The ability to leverage achievement-based recognition including mastery stars and badges as well as individual and group leaderboards.

Game-Based Learning

Highly interactive activities that use challenges and competition to create the level of focus and emotion needed to increase learning effectiveness and retention.

Mobile Learning

Increasing the accessibility of learning by delivering it to your employees via app, browser, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or VDI.