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Microlearning and Gamification for Corporate Training

What is Microlearning?

Our platform uses microlearning as a way to increase knowledge retention. Instead of delivering corporate training in hour long classes or huge PDF documents, mLevel takes your training content and breaks it up into short bursts of information. Now, your learners can spend 2-4 minutes on each topic and take breaks as needed. They can come back to the material time and time again to review the information. The latest in neuroscience proves that microlearning techniques help all kinds of learners retain more information.

What about game-based activities and gamification?

It’s common knowledge that most people dread employee training sessions. Our platform makes learning enjoyable, competitive, and rewarding! We use game-based activities to keep learners engaged, increase retention, and improve the overall training experience. Gamification aspects, like badges, leaderboards, and stars, encourage friendly competition to keep employees coming back to play for their best score.

How will I know it works?

Unlike other microlearning platforms, mLevel includes a full analytics suite. We believe in the power of real-time data and using metrics to offer personalized coaching moments. You’ll be able to see who completes training, what questions are problematic, and if there’s material that needs reviewing. Even more, use the data to show an actual ROI to your boss.


Why thousands use mLevel

Employee Training Backed by Data and Metrics

  1. Easy to use: create your own training “missions” in hours or days, not weeks or years. Easily re-purpose the content you already have in mLevel Studio.
  2. Increase in engagement: microlearning, or learning in short bursts, and game-based activities are proven to increase overall engagement and retention. Help your employees learn better with our science-backed platform.
  3. Analyze the results: our full analytics suite allows you to track what is being understood via live data. It’s easy to measure the success of your L&D initiatives with our full analytics engine.

mLevel's Game-Changing Features


mLevel uses highly interactive activities that use challenges and competition to create the level of focus and emotion needed to increase learning effectiveness and retention.


Users will be able to engage with their peers through leaderboards, badges, and stars. Friendly competition is proven to bring learners back to the material over time, resulting in spaced repetition and overall reinforcement of the information.


Our platform gives the ability to leverage highly interactive learning activities of 5 minutes in length or less, perfect for filling workday gaps.


Learners have the ability to decide when, where, and how often to complete their training. Short segments of information make learning flexible, while game-based activities make learning fun.

A Closer Look at Gamification

Discover some of our most popular game-based activities

Why Gamification Works:

  • Learners will absorb information through games that are short in length, shutting out distraction
  • Leaderboards encourage friendly competition between cohorts, causing employees to keep playing until they achieve the best comprehension score
  • Employees get instant feedback while playing so they know exactly what information needs reviewing