Produce more effective learning outcomes by improving knowledge retention and skill application in hours, not weeks. No coding required!


Help learners elevate their knowledge and skills through engaging, highly interactive learning activities that promote rapid time to performance.


Gain a measurable understanding of what your learners do and don’t know by providing actionable insights through comprehensive learning analytics.

Results Driven Learning

Anchor – Internalize knowledge in ways that produce recall and retention

This is where most corporate learning begins and ends: processing knowledge into short-term memory. mLevel takes this phase an important step further by enabling learners to truly anchor new knowledge through highly-interactive microlearning games and activities. This begins the neuro-encoding process required to transfer knowledge from short-term to long-term memory in the brain.

Shape Escape
Knowledge Navigator
Ice Breaker
Block Party
Quiz Ball
Check Point
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Fast Lane

Assimilate – Cognitive activities to enable knowledge processing

While the “facts” included in the knowledge (such as features of a new product, for example) are important, the learner must build neuro-relationships between those facts in order to cognitively answer questions or solve problems. This requires different learning activities and question types provided by mLevel specifically for this purpose.

Learning Lab

Apply – Application level practice to build new skills

Building the ability to correctly apply the embedded knowledge within job-specific skills and behaviors is critical to improving employee performance. mLevel’s capabilities include the ability to create multi-path branching scenarios which allow the employee to practice application-level role-specific situations in a safe environment. Whether the skills relate to sales, customer service, or critically important safety procedures, focusing on the skills, not just the knowledge, is what truly transforms performance.

Path Finder
Custom Task
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Assess – Measure to proactively identify knowledge and skill gaps

Whether it is assessing learning effectiveness at its conclusion or assessing learning retention at intervals after the learning, mLevel provides the industry’s most powerful and configurable assessment capabilities, up to and including formal assessments that may be taken only once to provide an accurate measure of mastery attained through the learning.


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