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World-Class Training Initiative In Action

Discover this state-of-the-art learning initiative created collaboratively with TTEC, mLevel, and Allego. This management certification course is visually engaging, methodically sound, and financially beneficial. It was designed, developed, and launched in just 60 days and has saved 70% of total training time and $1.34m over one year.

The Future of Performance Improvement: Integrating Knowledge Management with Learning Systems

Watch our latest webinar featuring Doron Gower, Chief Solution Architect at KMS Lighthouse, alongside Jordan Fladell, CEO at mLevel, as they speak on integrating a knowledge management system with employee training.

During this session, we covered:

  • The importance and ease of a knowledge management system and how it can drastically speed up employee response time
  • The benefits of integrating your knowledge management system into your learning platform and how employee performance will improve
  • How to get ahead of the curve and prepare for fully adaptive learning
  • A live demo of the integration and how it could look for your employees or agents

Creating a More Compelling Learning Experience

Featuring Kevin Mulcahy, co-author of “The Future Workplace Experience” and co-host of The Future Workplace Network. 

Corporate Universities and training centers strive to keep their workforce agile and responsive to business needs. It’s important to ask:

  • What are the key forces that are currently reshaping how L&D organizations are delivering learning to employees and beyond?
  • How is the act of learning being reframed?
  • How is the audience for corporate learning shifting?
  • How are corporations helping workers remain motivated to continue to develop themselves?
  • How is AI being incorporated?

In this session, Mulcahy will outline the latest insights into how learning organizations are creating more compelling learning experiences for learners.

Corporate Learning: Understanding the Changes for Buyers and Providers

Navigating the Changes of Corporate Training and Learning Technologies

Featuring Roberta Gogos, Practice Leader in Strategic Marketing, and Lance Haun, Practice Director and Principal Analyst, of The Starr Conspiracy.

Corporate learning is at an inflection point. The market has undergone a massive upheaval in recent years with changes in working styles, learning trends, software, and buyer behavior.

As more learning tech companies understand the consequences of these changes, they are trying to adapt. Corporate learning in 2018 happens in multiple ways on multiple systems. It’s time to figure out how to not just live with this shift, but thrive.

In this webinar, Lance and Roberta cover:

  • how learning buyers and tech companies are navigating these changes
  • Their changing perceptions
  • And some of the innovations that might be the answer for the evolution of learning.

Train, Transfer, and Sustain: The 70:20:10 Advantage

Featuring Bob Mosher, Chief Learning Evangelist at APPLY Synergies. 

Did you know that within the first 48 hours of your employees attending a traditional training or learning event, their knowledge retention drops to 33%? Did you also know that research now shows that nearly 90% of learning in the workplace takes place informally? So why are training departments still spending the vast majority of their budgets on formal training efforts?

The 70:20:10 learning framework is all the rage in our industry. Most get the math, but few understand how to design for it.

This session will address the methodologies behind 70:20:10, and how it is now – more than ever – all around us!

  • What is 70:20:10
  • How do you integrate 70:20:10 into the journey of Train, Transfer, and Sustain
  • What are the design considerations when integrating 70:20:10 into an existing learning approach
  • How does designing for the 70 impact the 10, or formal learning

Lean Learning: Speeding the Shift to 21st Century Learning

Featuring Peter Talmers, Solution Principal in Slalom’s Organizational Effectiveness Practice 

Does your organization have a “21/20” problem?

Today’s 21st century business operating environment is rapid, complex, interdependent, and uncertain. Yet most organizations are still using 20th century models of linear, standardized operations to drive efficiency.

Learning is at the center of this massive shift. Both because L&D itself must change, but also because learning is at the heart of any organization that will thrive in the 21st century environment. And despite all the talk of AI and cognitive computing – in fact precisely because of it – learning’s prominence as a core business skill will only increase.


Employee Performance in Contact Centers: Real-Time Learning & Data

Featuring Lamont Exeter, Vice President and Partner, Global Innovation, TTEC

February 20, 2018 at 2pm EST

Take a look into how Contact Centers can improve employee performance using personalized and real-time data.

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • How real-time learning is replacing traditional training programs
  • Why professionals need to change to meet the demand of customer service
  • How personalized data can shape coaching moments

Making a Difference With Learning: How to Show Impact

Featuring Scott Weersing, Director of Analytics at GP Strategies

January 16, 2018 at 2pm EST

Do you wish you could show the impact of learning programs? Do you wish you could be strategic with your learning efforts? Too often we don’t take the time to think about why we are developing and delivering training. In this session Scott Weersing will share ways to measure the impact of learning programs.  He will share ways to overcome barriers to measurement such when you don’t have a good partnership with the business and do not have business metrics.  He will talk about which learning programs we should evaluate and which ones are just “check the box” training.  And he will share the importance of having a measurement plan that will let you know when to measure and when not to.

In-Aisle Learning at Home Depot

Full Recording:

 See Home Depot’s Pocket Guide Live:

Featuring Brandon Carson, Director of Learning at Home Depot, Ricardo Mejia, Learning Technology Director at Home Depot, and Jordan Fladell, CEO at mLevel.

Unlike previous disruptions, mobile devices have spread quickly and transformed our society quicker than any other technology. Increasingly workers must learn new skills, innovate and create quicker, and increase their performance while absorbing rapid change in how they communicate and collaborate to get their work done. To accelerate our associates’ product knowledge, Home Depot is moving training to the floor.

In this case study of a pilot program, we will present Home Depot’s mobile “in-aisle” learning app and discuss the challenges and opportunities we’ve discovered on our journey to present on-demand learning in the aisle!

View the entire recording here and also enjoy a snippet of Home Depot’s learning app in action.

Micro-Learning and Gamification - a Winning Combination

Featuring industry-leader and gamification expert, Karl Kapp

Are you interested in learning more about micro-learning, gamification, and new technologies in the L&D industries?

Listen in as Karl Kapp explains the research behind the use of micro-learning and gamification in corporate and higher education settings.

Plus, enjoy an exclusive look at how mLevel leverages micro-learning and gamification using the latest in neuroscience research.

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