How to assess knowledge gaps across 25,000 retail employees in less than 3 minutes

A powerful feature of mLEVEL is the ability to quickly assess knowledge across an entire organization. One of our retail customers chose mLEVEL specifically for its ability to assess what their people know – and don’t know – so that they can inform leadership about correlations between sales and product knowledge, and adjust learning programs to focus on problem areas. In a matter of minutes (mLEVEL games typically take less than 3 minutes to complete) the Learning and Development organization can see not only what products people know and don’t know, but what about those products people may need help with.

Structured content leads to deeper analysis

This type of performance analysis is possible due to the very structured approach to mLEVEL topic content and additional metadata about that content. The traditional approach of writing out questions, while in some ways is easy for content creation, does not lend itself well to data analysis. The immediately available performance data is primarily how people answered each question, i.e. did they answer the questions correctly or incorrectly. Subsequent, manual analysis is required to get to insights about the answers.

mLEVEL topic content is structured using an object-oriented approach, and appropriate questions are automatically generated based on the specific content and the game being played. This structure allows us to get beyond whether a question was answered correctly to understanding what the question was really about. From there, deep analysis of performance data is possible:

  • The rate that questions about a specific concept, product, or item are answered correctly/incorrectly
  • The rate that questions about a specific attribute about a concept, product, or item are answered correctly/incorrectly
  • The rate that associations are made between question content and commonly selected answers, whether correct or incorrect

With this data in hand, you can quickly adjust mLEVEL topic content and question styles, or broader organizational learning programs, to address any knowledge gaps.

Driving individual improvement

While much of this performance analysis data can and will be used to address organizational learning concerns, another key benefit of mLEVEL is its ability to identify knowledge gaps for individual learners. The same data discussed above is available at an individual level to be used to guide employees towards areas that they are struggling with or where they need more exposure to information. In the future, mLEVEL will automatically adjust the focus of questions to be on the areas where an individual learner needs to improve.


Of course, this is all predicated on large-scale usage and adoption. Tune in next time to learn more about how mLEVEL drives near-term participation and long-term engagement!

Learn. Better.

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