Giving You the Tools to Learn Better

Our focus at mLevel is equipping our players to learn in the most successful fashion, while having fun through various activities. mLevel 2.0 introduces new functionality and enhanced existing features to better suit that need. We hope you enjoy the new tools that aid you in achieving mLevel Mastery, and grasping your mission’s content.

Knowledge Navigator: As you dive into a Mission, and begin the process of learning new information – we think it is very beneficial for a player to have the ability to revisit content, at their own pace. At any time during game play you can view the current content of the mission, broken apart by topics. By clicking through the “flash card” style tool, different information is displayed. It’s a one-stop shop for studying the entire topic or hunting down a specific answer.

As Players, if you aren’t confident in the content you may find the games too challenging. Using the Knowledge Navigator, new players can review content before and after playing any of the games. It’s a great tool for them to improve their performance and increase their learning. It gives them support for getting acclimated with new content with no time constraints. Another benefit is that it can be used as a great research tool to lookup information at a point of need.

End of Game Screens: Using player feedback we’ve redesigned the end of game screens to showcase the most important game information. Now instead of one screen, there are three screens the player scrolls through to see useful data. You will still be able to see your score, and completion time. But we’ve also added info regarding your best score, and the peer average. Other great features include showing you what content you need to learn and the exact questions you got wrong, with their correct and incorrect answers.

Study List: You can add items to your study list while reviewing the Knowledge Navigator or directly after game play. For example, once you’ve finished a CheckPoints game, the end of game screen will show you what questions you got wrong. With one tap you can add that to your study list. Then you will have a focused list of information to review, which can also be updated easily at any time.

These new tools are bound to make you the go-to individual in your organization. Make sure to check out mLevel 2.0 and the ways it will help you learn better.

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