mLevel 2.0 – For the stuff you need to know right now

It’s been nearly a year since mLevel officially went live with our first customer. Many, many more customers and missions later, we’ve learned a lot about where enterprises most benefit from a platform like mLevel and the challenges we are best able to address. Of course, mLevel is and will always be about driving engagement, increasing knowledge and retention, and ultimately driving real business performance. Based on our customer experiences, we’ve found that one of the most pressing needs within enterprises is getting critical knowledge out to employees quickly and efficiently in a way that ensures understanding and recall when and where they need it.

The key here is “critical knowledge”. It’s the stuff that will most impact job performance, the stuff that needs to be top of mind, the stuff that can’t or shouldn’t be looked up in reference materials. Critical knowledge is also timely. It’s the stuff you need to know right now. For example, in a sales organization critical knowledge may include key differentiators, handling common objections, and characteristics of good opportunities, all related to a time-specific sales campaign. Unfortunately, most traditional learning modalities skip right past this to focus on the easily searched for and less relevant details or belabor minutiae that isn’t critical to job performance. Furthermore, traditional models have no way of gauging if the critical knowledge being communicated is being received, understood, and put into effect by employees.

This is where mLevel comes in for our customers. It allows you to highlight your critical knowledge, and bring it above the noise in a timely fashion. It’s fast and fun and engaging, so people want to play and compete and explore and learn. It drives knowledge retention through a game-based way to experience the content. And, maybe best of all, it gives you the ability to see – in real-time – how well the critical knowledge is being received. Are your employees getting it, or not?

As a result, many of our customers are using mLevel for the stuff their employees need to know right now, whether driving a quarterly sales campaign, increasing customer service transaction accuracy, or launching an important organizational change. They are highlighting critical knowledge, raising it above the noise, and measuring its uptake. What better way to improve real business results?


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We’re excited to announce that we are now a part of the Axonify family. To all of those who have supported the MLevel journey, we thank you!  Here’s to the next chapter and to furthering data-driven learning.