Code Camp 2014: Unity3D and Azure – Simplified approach to storing game data in the cloud

logoJoin us for the sixth annual Chicago Code Camp at the College of Lake County campus on April 26th, 2014 for Andrew Boudreau and Dylan Ryan’s presentation on the following:

Unity3D and Azure – Simplified approach to storing game data in the cloud
“Games are more fun when you are competing against others. Unity 3D and Microsoft Azure present C# developers an opportunity to create a simple and inexpensive solution for cloud hosted leaderboards. A Unity 3d tutorial game developed using C# will be connected to an Azure service to share and distribute all players scores. First we discuss setting up a simple Azure endpoint to manage player scores. Next and most importantly, we explore getting our Unity 3d tutorial game connected with our Azure services. This allows us to save and share player’s high scores. We explore in detail the challenges of getting Unity 3d to communicate with our Azure services, the caveats of the out of the box toolset, and complexities of cross platform compilation.”

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