Riding the mLevel Wave Towards Greatness



A few weeks ago our EVP sent our team an overview of the company’s growth within a one-year period. Seeing the stats of our significant evolution reminded me of when mLevel opened its doors in 2012 as an idea, and how it has now matured into a brand. Our team worked diligently to produce something one of a kind. Our missions were simple, graphics were generic. And we had a handful of early, pioneering customers that were willing to invest in a casual learning platform in hopes of reinventing training at their companies.

The first public release of mLevel was officially launched in April of 2013. By this time last year, we were working with 8 customers representing 20,000 users and deployed in the US with English being the only language we supported.

A short 12 months later into the present, mLevel is working with 30 customers, thirteen of the Fortune 100, has reached over 100,000 users and has been deployed in 30 countries, supporting 10 languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. What phenomenal growth for a company in just 1 year!

While also gaining momentum within the casual learning market, we have achieved accolades that have truly validated our business. In the past quarter we have been nominated as a finalist by the Chicago Innovation Awards, named a 2014 Best of ELearming Finalist by ELearning Magazine, received Runner Up in the ADL App Challenge, and we won Start Up of the Year by AMMO at the 2014 Atlanta Mobile Awards!

Our incredible growth has proven that there truly is no other casual learning platform quite like mLevel from a usability, performance and achievement perspective. We’re changing the way companies look at training, while bettering the employees in the process, and at the end of the day, being recognized as a Market Leader.

I continue to learn something new every day, and I am amazed by what our team has achieved in such a short time. Choosing to work for a start-up always has various risks and possible rewards, so it’s especially exciting to ride this particular start-up wave with my talented colleagues as we start to see true results and be recognized by the industry. We always wanted corporate employees to have a chance to learn in better and innovative ways, and our team is making that happen. I’m proud to continue striving for greatness with mLevel.




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Empowering learners Together

We’re excited to announce that we are now a part of the Axonify family. To all of those who have supported the MLevel journey, we thank you!  Here’s to the next chapter and to furthering data-driven learning.