Second Annual 2014 mLevel Customer Summit Summary

This past October, mLevel held our regional Customer Summits in our Chicago and Atlanta offices. Our goal was to showcase our newest functionalities, gather input from our customers, and foster engaging conversations about mLevel best practices. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with our clients face-to-face and provide them with a behind the scenes look of what’s ahead. We truly value customer feedback and want to ensure we are delivering a product suite that surpasses expectations and is easy to use without extensive training.

Session 1: Branding and App Configuration
The first session focused on a deeper dive into our new App Branding functionality. Jeff Steffgen, mLevel’s User Experience & Design Director led the group through details on the three levels of branding and direction on how to configure each within the Mission Manager. He also shared some useful best practices to utilize when setting up your brand’s look and feel. Throughout the session, we captured some great feedback from the audience, ranging from simple enhancements like adding an RGB option in the color picker to full-blown features like allowing an admin to save global mission branding defaults specific to their organization.


Check out our recent blog post for more details and previews of the branding functionality.


Next we touched on localization– giving players the ability to translate the mLevel app menus and navigation elements into different languages to support a global audience. Many clients have expressed the need to support an international audience of players that speak multiple languages. Chris Balcer, mLevel’s Director of Technology shared a Star Wars themed mission that highlighted the localization feature, first in English and then in Spanish. He then went on to explain the new areas we now support for app translation, including buttons, navigational elements, login page, How To Play verbiage and How to Unlock verbiage. The app usually auto detects the local language being used by a device, but users can also manually select from a list of supported languages. Our client’s were impressed and excited to expand their mLevel reach. Immediately thoughts concerning larger audiences and new mLevel uses cases came to mind.


“It was great to meet the mLevel team and other clients and the discussions were very worthwhile. Send our thanks to the whole team for hosting a great event!” 


Session 2: Path Finder (Scenario-based Game)
Our newest activity, Path Finder, allows an admin to build a single or multi-branch scenario activity. Jeff Steffgen walked us through the player experience and explained the reasoning behind the navigation and dialogue presented. Path Finder was created after hearing several client requests for a scenario experience. Our goal is to provide a scenario-based game within our existing platform that can be used to quickly create and publish work-related simulations to aid in training and assessing employee job skills. After sharing the player experience and the analytics data we capture for this activity, customers were pleased and excited to try it out. It was completely worthwhile to gather detailed customer feedback that will help take Path Finder to the next level.


Want more details on Path Finder? Check out this recent blog post.


Session 3: Road Map Discussion
One of the most fun and engaging pieces of our Customer Summit is being able to have an open discussion concerning any and all things mLevel. Jamie Silva, mLevel’s Product Manager, moderated this final session by having attendees share their use cases, challenges and best practices for launching successful campaigns – creating a great opportunity for mLevel clients to learn from each other. During this time we also allowed the attendees to share their “wish-list” of mLevel features. Listening to their ideas for improvements while also getting feedback on how certain functionality could be enhanced gives us a great starting point for our future product road map. We’ve captured all the terrific ideas and will be prioritizing in the near future.

“Thank you, I learned a lot and mLevelers were awesome – each better than the last. Proud to be partners.” 


It’s a real treat to have our client’s come into our office and spend some time with us. We want to thank our attendees and let them know how much we appreciate their time and partnership. We will also be facilitating an mLevel Customer Advisory Board (CAB) which will meet four times a year to serve as a forum and sounding board to share ideas and provide feedback on our newest features. To learn more please reach out to your Account Manager or email

See you next year!


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