Bring Learning to a Global Audience in Multiple Languages

Today, more than ever, businesses are operating on global levels… with leadership and resources spread across the world, new challenges are often introduced. One of the challenges mLevel is aiming to solve is providing a game-based training solution that works for global teams.

How do you keep your employees up to speed on the latest curriculum when they’re thousands of miles apart? Are you managing a team of people who speak different languages? With mLevel, you can deploy cutting-edge, uniform training programs to thousands of users located anywhere in the world. Our new internationalization and localization capabilities allow you to ensure your team is receiving a unified curriculum across the globe. This opens the door to globalize the training of your products, processes, values, and more, building a strong organization and adding visibility into your personnel.

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Building a Multilingual Mission in mLevel There are two major parts to creating an mLevel Mission in multiple languages. First, like any other Mission you launch, you’ll need to create the content. You’ll need content for each language you want to launch the Mission in. We currently support all left-to-right languages. If we don’t already have a localization text library for the in-app text labels (UI buttons etc.) in the language(s) you need, we’ll need to acquire translations for those as well.

Next, we’ll need to know which language should be presented to each user. This will determine which language the learning content is displayed in. We’ll create a user group for reach language, and map the appropriate users to those groups. For in-app text labels (UI buttons etc.) users can switch between languages using the globe icon in the mLevel app (displayed below) – this allows a user to view the in-app text in whatever languages are available by mLevel. mLevel attempts to detect language settings on the device but this is not always guaranteed to be accurate. If we have the necessary data, we can pre-set each user to their preferred language so that their native language is already set to display upon logging into mLevel.

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mLevel is a geographically redundant platform, meaning we have data centers all over the world to ensure quality performance and allow for scalability. We are also designed to help customers comply with local government safe harbor and data privacy regulations.

If you’re interested in leveraging mLevel’s internationalization and localization capabilities, please reach out to your account manager to get the process started. We’ll be making some improvements to how we handle internationalization and localization in the future, and we’re really excited to see how this changes learning in your organization at a global level.

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