4 Tips for Creating Engaging E-learning Courses

Creating effective e-learning content takes a lot of time and resources. As a learning professional, your goal is to provide the best experience possible for your learners. However, if the experience is boring, confusing, or just not relevant, your learners won’t be engaged and your content will be useless. Don’t worry though; there are a number of ways you can create an engaging e-learning experience!

mlevel learningMake the content relevant.

At the core of learning is the content. If the content isn’t relevant, your learners will be bored and question why they’re required to participate in the first place. Make sure your content is the right content for the audience. Likewise, make sure your audience is the right audience for the content. You don’t need sales associates learning about HR compliance. The content also needs to be relevant to the course itself. This includes images and text. With mLevel’s user groups and text and image configurations, you can make sure you’re delivering the right content to the right audience, in the right tone.

Let the learner explore.

Learners like to explore. Don’t lock them into a scenario they can’t get out of. Provide an environment where they can make their own path. Locked navigation doesn’t allow this. For example, you have a video that’ 5 minutes long. At 4:25, the learner misses a key point. Because the navigation is locked, they’re forced to go back and repeat the entire video. mLevel’s Knowledge Navigator and Academy activities provide a flashcard and open book experience to learning. Additionally, our Video activity also gives the learner full control of the video’s playback.

Consider the flow and pace.

Information overload is not an effective way to learn. Provide information in small doses. Organize your learning topics into buckets, and distribute them in a logical way. Provide reasons to use the information, not just reasons to learn the information. mLevel provides many ways to organize your content and distribute it in a flow that aligns with your learning goals. We have a number of different learning activities that allow different methods of absorbing knowledge.

Keep it short and simple.

Thanks to smartphones & social media, our average attention span today is something like 8 seconds. This means we’re constantly fighting to win the attention of our learners. If your course is long and arduous, you’ll find it much less effective. Keep your course short and simple by providing quick exercises free of jargon. Very few employees appreciate the use of such words that make little to no sense.  mLevel’s Mission Manager provides a flexible platform so you can bring focused sets of information to your learners.

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