3 Ways Mobility Elevates Your Training Programs: Engagement


We’ve all seen it, employees sneaking peeks to their phones during training. Whether they’re distracted or just plain not paying attention, these wandering attention spans serve as a symptom for unengaging, and ultimately ineffective training. So if the studies show mobility is so effective at meeting learners where they are, the simple solution would be to push the same training out to mobile devices to engage them right? Industry expert Neil Lasher said it best in Joe Ganci’s article on mobile obstacles and solutions, “The real practical issue is that the developers of content do not understand how the masses wish to use these devices, and therefore do not understand that you do not deliver the same type of content that you try to deliver to a laptop, iPad, or similar larger screen device that can be used for formal or social delivery.”

As we discussed in the connectivity portion of this series, the modern learner is on the move with mobile usage at an all time high as we approach the turn of 2017. This means learners have high expectations of UI and accessibility, but less time available to spend on learning. The modern learner expects their training to happen fast enough to keep up with their jam packed work week, yet interactive and challenging enough to keep them engaged. Meanwhile it’s no secret that lead times to develop new learning programs continue to shrink, leaving longer, more traditional eLearning courses out of date by the time they’ve been released.

In response, organizations at the forefront of learning and development are adopting methods like microlearning and Just-in-Time training to deliver their mission critical information at the learner’s point of need. Learners need to know core information yesterday, whether this is in the form of a four minute video, or a knowledge repository that learners can search on-demand.Here at mLevel, we live and breath these methods everyday and have found the use of highly interactive activities like these to make material 4 – 6 times more engaging than traditional methods like ILT or lengthy eLearning courses.

We are fortunate enough to live in a time when technology enables methods like these, but burdened by a business environment that has made them necessary. This week we’ve learned how to ensure our employees are connected and engaged. Stay tuned for Part III of our mobility series to find out how healthy competition and social learning push teams to grow together!

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