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MLevel's Data-Driven Platform Measures Business Risk Caused By Workforce Risk

casualty risk transfer costs Are on the Rise

MLevel helps leaders focus on the right metrics to effectively evaluate all dimensions of risk: Frequency. Severity. Velocity.

The 80/20 Philosophy. What about the missing 20%?

Typical compliance and training programs focus on an 80% pass rate, but what about the missing 20%? What if your greatest chance of risk resides in that 20%? MLevel enables you to rapidly identify exposures to risks and proactively address them through training, learning, marketing, and/or compliance communications moving forward.

Go-to-market tools to help you drive your business based on your organizational needs

Pick the right combination of our offerings that works best for your needs.

Easily Deploy Employee Risk Assessments

• MLevel can easily integrate with other technology and LMS systems for a seamless experience for your employees.

• MLevel can also be a standalone experience.
• Either option or approach offers the data and analytics needed to inform you of the key risk areas.

Leverage Our Technology as a Revenue Channel for Your Customers

• You can bring your own content to MLevel and distribute to your target customers, leveraging our eCommerce offering.

Provide a Value-Add Solution to Help Your Customers

• Just as MLevel can help you and your business, MLevel can serve as a value-add solution offering to your customers.

• MLevel's platform can help train employees on specific areas to reduce risk, resulting in lower premium costs.

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Listen to how EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants utilized the MLevel platform to provide their client a digital training program in three days. The data collected ensured the compliance of thousands of staff, and as a result, no safety incident occurred.

How your company can benefit from
the MLevel Platform

Utilize easy to use, rapid deployment solutions to help reduce risk.

Provide richer data to Underwriters to manage risk quality and risk differentiation.

Gain workforce assessment data to isolate deficiencies in employee competence and skill.

Bring a level of sophistication that makes you competitive in your audience.

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Empowering learners Together

We’re excited to announce that we are now a part of the Axonify family. To all of those who have supported the MLevel journey, we thank you!  Here’s to the next chapter and to furthering data-driven learning.