Empower Your Team and Customers with MLevel's Risk-Mitigation Tools

We help solve the Pain Points of the Insurance Industry

The rise of casualty risk transfer costs

In our world today, to effectively evaluate risk, leaders need to focus on the right metrics and consider all dimensions of risk: Frequency. Severity. Velocity.

Platforms Outperform Products

Operators need easy implementation tools where they can leverage industry specific and/or company-wide content in data-driven platforms. 

The 80/20 Dilemma of Learning

Most companies set target pass/fail or completion rates for training at 80%. However, being able to gain insights into the missing 20% enables informed business decisions and also improvements in training, learning, marketing, or compliance communications moving forward.

The Right Tools to Assess and Address All Dimensions of Risk

Identify risks and take measurable steps to mitigate those risks = lower premium costs

Integration Into Existing Platforms ​

The MLevel platform has the ability to integrate with other technology and LMS systems. MLevel can be a specific experience within those platforms and offer data and analytics.

White Label Technology​

THRIVE powered by MLevel is an Ecommerce storefront that includes the MLevel digital learning platform. Partners can bring their own content into the platform with set parameters for distribution.

Add-On Solution for Clients and Prospects

The MLevel Platform can serve as an added-value solution to the agency customer. The platform helps train the employees and reduce risk, in turn lower cost in premiums.

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Listen to how EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants utilized the MLevel platform to provide their client a digital training program in three days. The data collected ensured the compliance of thousands of staff, and as a result, no safety incident occurred.

Benefits of the MLevel Platform

Customers can easy use rapid authoring and deployment solutions to help reduce the cost of risk.

The platform allows brokers and wholesalers to provide more data to the underwriters, which would help with risk quality and risk differentiation.

Customers can use the analytics to understand deficiencies are in employee practices and procedures. Our analytics allow you to drill down into each question, user group, or individual learner and see data by course, topic, or question.

The platform offering brings a level of sophistication that makes them competitive to a prospecting audience.

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