MLevel can be easily and securely deployed to nearly any mobile device or desktop browser; users can play anywhere, anytime! Our cloud-based solution seamlessly integrates with authentication environments and reduces the need for IT support and maintenance.

Gaming and knowledge platform

  • No code configuration
  • Customizable topic areas
  • No game design experience required
  • Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Objectives
  • Many games, content areas and topics on one platform


  • Driven by Microsoft Azure platform
  • Data driven apps managed by customer configurations
  • Manage appearance, layouts, branding and schemes
  • Web, iOS, Android and Windows Apps


  • ADFS 2.0 / SAML 2.0 security implementation through services controlled on platform
  • 256-bit SSL encryption for data transfer
  • AES-512 data encryption for application access and authorization


Native Device OS
Android 4.0+
iOS 7+
Windows Phone 8.1+
Windows 8.1+

Web Browsers
Microsoft Edge (latest version)
Internet Explorer 11
Safari (latest version, Mac only)
Chrome (latest version)
Firefox (latest version)

SAML 2.0
ADFS 2.0


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