US Foods Case Study

US Foods is a leading food service company with a vast number of products and a national sales force. The company is the industry leader in product innovation. New product introduction and customer adoption are key factors in US Foods’ continued success. The organization depends on its sales force to bring these new products to market and drive customer adoption. Getting the salesforce quickly up to speed on new products is critical to that success. US Foods was interested in exploring new, innovative ways to improve the training effectiveness for their salesforce with a focus on improving new product sales.

Leveraging the revolutionary MLevel learning platform, MLevel and Slalom partnered with US Foods to bring cutting-edge, game-based mobile learning to their salesforce. The solution leverages fun and engaging games and other activities designed to increase the salesforce’s product knowledge and reinforce the benefits of the new products to customers. The program was tested in 4 key divisions across 200+ sales personnel. Results were then compared to members of the salesforce that did not get trained using MLevel.

The program included a series of sales process adjustments and Slalom learning and change management support along with the MLevel learning platform. The results of the program were very promising. 96% of sales personnel felt they were better equipped to sell the new products and benefits after having used MLevel and 89% reported MLevel games helped them learn more about the products than traditional training alone.

The Vice President of Category Support at US Foods said “Consuming a large amount of product information in a short period time is challenging. MLevel’s game-based learning appears to be a promising option to make learning fun and effective.”

Empowering learners Together

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