Aprio and Aprio Cloud have partnered with MLevel to bring clients THRIVE —  a training program designed for companies to educate their employees virtually for re-entry into the workforce.

Help ensure your employees are COVID compliant and safe.

Businesses like yours were shut down or brought to a near standstill overnight due to this global pandemic, and now you’re being tasked with reopening under the burden of complex and ever-changing regulations. There is an opportunity to do what seems like a mountain of a challenge – to have the right preparation and be there for your employees in order to get back to business. We’re here to help you along the way. We’re here to help you THRIVE.

Benefits of the THRIVE training program

COVID Compliance Training

Regularly updated to reflect any changes to rules and regulations.

Data and Analytics

Track, measure, and compile employee data in near real time to demonstrate your company is safe.

Web or Mobile Device Access

Digital delivery of training that allows you to reach your employees easily before they come back to work.

One-Click Platform Access

Easily distribute the training without the hassle of creating logins for each employee.

For more information about the THRIVE program.

Register for the upcoming webinar

Creating a culture of Learning
February 25th at 2PM EST

With panelists from Google, Onna, Equifax, Etech, and Insight, hear the different ways to incorporate more learning into your organization and what can happen to your team when you establish a learning-focused environment.