THRIVE Terms and Conditions

  1. Business must provide MLevel with all employee information required post program.
  2. MLevel will provide completion reporting on all participants.
  3. MLevel will provide a certificate to be displayed onsite at facility to show customers your business has been THRIVE certified.
  4. MLevel is only providing content & use of its platform.
  5. MLevel is not responsible for the implementation of best practices by the participating business.
  6. Each new access to the training equates to a decrease in license count.
  7. Unless otherwise stated, MLevel owns the intellectual property rights of the training and its learning material.
  8. You may not return or exchange any of purchased training.
  9. You may not sell, rent, or sublease material from this training.
  10. You may not reproduce or duplicate training.
  11. MLevel reserves the right to terminate a contract should any misconduct occur.

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